Race Team Simulator Demo is Now Available to Download

Race Team Simulator Demo

Yes! The Race Team Simulator Demo is now available to download!

The demo shows off the race simulation engine, and as mentioned before, I was very impressed when I tested it, but now it’s available for general testing.

The guys behind Race Team Simulator said:

Here we go!!! The demo is finally here. We are truly happy with what we have achieved and we hope you will enjoy the realistic and dynamic races that you will experience. Please bear in mind that this is a work in progress demo and it is subject to further improvements. It is only one part of a bigger game, however it is the most important part of a racing game and the hardest part to do and get right.

Currently, available in English, Danish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese, they are looking for feedback about the demo on their forum

The demo can be downloaded from here:


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Race Team Simulator

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