New Formula Racer

New Formula Racer 5.0 The Rise 2D Racing Game








2D Arcade Racing Game

Created by RacerBG (Georgi)
Price: Free
For: Windows
Download: NFR 5.0 – The Rise


new formula racer 2d pc racing game

New Formula Racer is a 2D arcade racing game with fictional teams.  Start in the Junior Formula and work your way up to the Master Championship racing on a variety of international circuits, a long the way you must find sponsors and can also use the prize money to upgrade your car.  The game also includes a fun multiplayer mode. RacerBG often provides updates to this fun and series.

The game is available for free and should run on most Windows machines, New Formula Racer has it’s own section in the forum, where RacerBG is happy to listen to suggestions and answer questions about this great game.

new formula racer 2d pc racing game new formula racer 2d pc racing game