Motorsport Manager PC Game Coming in September!

Motorsport Manager PC game Formula 1 management game

Could the Motorsport Manager PC game be the successor to Grand Prix Manager and Grand Prix World?

With SEGA announced as their publisher (SEGA are also the publisher of the highly successful Football Manager series) it certainly does look promising.  But, don’t take our word for it, check it out yourself…

Motorsport Manager PC Game Trailer

The Motorsport Manager PC game is coming in September 2016 and will be available for Windows, Linux and Mac.  Playsport Games, the team behind it, have released a very impressive trailer for Motorsport Manager, which you can watch below.

The Motorsport PC game won’t be Playsport Games’s first motorsport management game, as there is already a version for mobile devices, Android and iOS, which has been down.  Instead, Motorsport Manager will be an enhanced and bigger version of this.

What is in MotorSport Manager?

You’ll be able to watch the races in more clarity with 3D models of the track and racetrack.

You’ll be able to create your own team, hire and fire staff, scout future driving talent in junior championships, speak to the media about your racing team and choose how to develop your car.

Motorsport Manager PC game Formula 1 management game

50 Tracks

One of the most interesting facts about the Motorsport Manager PC game is that there are 50 tracks in the game and like in real life, some tracks can be dropped and others added to the championship season by season.  This means that Motorsport Manager is designed to evolve from season to season.   Also, the rules can change and evolve too, with possible appearances of recent F1 rules such as refueling, double points and qualifying format changes.  If you play long enough, it’s even possible that you’ll see some of the drivers children appear in the game, think The Rosbergs, Verstappens and Hills!

One of the more curios areas related to the evolving racing seasons is that you can get involved in the politics and try and use your vote to change the cars and racing rules.  Will you be the next John Todt?

The Motorsport Manager World

One thing that the Motorsport Manager PC game does lack is an official license for the F1 teams and drives, so all the names are fictional.  The Playsport team know this, and hope to rectify this by creating a truly immersive experience in this fictional Formula 1 like world.

We’re hoping to get the players so immersed in that environment that the authenticity comes from what we create what we create in our world

Motorsport manager pc game mod editor teams F1 Formula 1

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