2015 Mod

Another season completed dominated by Mercedes. Ferrari improved after their horrible 2014 season while Red Bull begins to fall back a bit in performance. McLaren had their worst season in their history collecting just 27 points in total. Can you take a top team like Ferrari and beat Mercedes? Or do you want to take the struggling McLaren team back to the top again? All new fresh challenges await you in this mod.

The Project – It started in the early part of 2015 but during the summer and for the rest of the year all of the work completely stopped and I couldn’t find the time to return to work on this. Over the past 4 months this year I’ve worked on and off to finally get it completed.

What Has This Mod Changed? – The usual stuff all the 2015 drivers, teams, staff etc are there along with the year changed to 2015. Updated car images, background photos and the teams performance seems realistic.

Credits –

Sean – Author
FranS99 – Top down car images – Gave feedback – Team Logos
agelida – Helped with data – Gave Feedback.
ivaneurope – Helped with data – Gave feedback
Nuppiz – Helping with questions

Downloading and Installing –

1. Download the mod link is below.
2. Unzip the GPM2 2015 folder.
3. Start up the GPM2.exe application.
4. Go into Save Game and select 2015Main.gps file.
5. Go to Options >> Customize to change anything in there and select your team.
6. You will notice rookies and experienced drivers don’t have their correct nationalty you can edit this at any time even after the first race.

Download Links

Download (MediaFire) Download (GPRaceGames)

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