2013 Mod

The 2013 season saw Mercedes take a step forward to challenge the Red Bulls but it was not enough, Red Bull went on to win for the 4th year in a row. Can you take Mercedes or any other team and challenge the Red Bulls?

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Author Sean
Getting information and testing Andrea10
Helping with bits and pieces Nuppiz
Peyo for creating new tracks, testing, creating top downs and sideviews for the cars
Cafiso for testing
FranS99 for testing

Updated 27th December 2013

More about ”The Challenges”

Red Bull – After winning their third title in 2012 the 2013 season gives them some fresh challeneges for example Mercedes seem to be better in qualifying but Red Bull are better in the race, can you keep Red Bull going strong and take them to their fourth title in 2013?

Mercedes – The team have taken on Lewis Hamilton and have closed the gap to the front runners with great qualifying performances but the Red Bulls still seem too strong to beat can you stop them before Red Bull take their fourth title?

Ferrari – Still in the front and gaining podiums but its not enough to stop Red Bull, can you take this team back to the number one spot?

Lotus – A team capable of podiums and if their lucky enough a race win, with Kimi Raikkonen a former champion and Romain Grosjean trying to not make as many mistakes this time, can you make this team better and challenege the front runners?

McLaren – They have had a really bad season and have dropped back in performance greatly. Can you take this team and bring them back to the top again?

Force India – The team are still pushing for points and their closest rivals are McLaren, can take control and continue to push on and make sure you beat them?

Toro Rosso – They may be Red Bulls sister team where they put young drivers hoping for a future seat at Red Bull but what if you took control? Can you make Toro Rosso faster than the top teams or maybe even Red Bull themselves?

Sauber – After gaining some podiums in 2012 it looks like that isn’t going to happen anytime soon in 2013, can you put the team back on track where they were in 2012? Or maybe even better it and make them win races.

Williams – A flashback from 2011 has struck the team after improving in 2012 they are now consistently finishing outside of the points and have fallen to the very back. Once a very successful team now peforms poorly, but what if you took control? Can you sort this team out and drag it back up to the top again?

Caterham – Try to stay ahead of Marussia but also try to catch the failing Williams. Can you keep this team going strong?

Marussia – The teams aim is to beat Caterham, with HRT now gone this team do not want to replace them and be ranked as the slowest team. If you take control a big challenege awaits you.

Honda – This is a extra team you can play, bring Honda back with a low budget and try your very best to get this team successful.

Scorpion – Another extra team you can play, they were about to buy HRT for the 2013 season but backed out, anyway what if they did enter Formula 1 with you in control? With a very low budget its the biggest challenege in the  GPM2 2013 mod that will test your managing skills.