Super Monaco GP Review

Super Monaco GP Review

Sega Mega Drive

Reviewed by FRG2000

Super Monaco GP review


The graphics are incredibly detailed in every way for a game from the early 1990’s.  The cars look very detailed, and even the driver portrait pictures look surprisingly good, despite the limitations of the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis in the USA).


I consider the music is in the game to be a masterpiece, with catchy yet amazing pieces throughout the game.  However, what stops me giving the game 100/100 is the voice effects, which are really annoying and sometimes awful.

Super Monaco GP review sega megadrive


The game is surprisingly deep in World Championship mode, meanwhile the arcade mode is sometimes tame and a little easy.

In the World Championship mode, you start your career at Minarae(Minardi – the game doesn’t have a licence for real names) and you have to do well in the races and progress until you get offered a contract at Maddona(Mclaren).
In the second season, you will get challenging by G.Ceara(Senna) and it’s nearly impossible to win the challenge.  The difficulty is so high that you’ll probably get beat and end up having to you have to go back to the Dardan team (Scuderia Italia/Dallara) and try to win the championship again to finish the game.
It would be good if you could customize the names, as in other unofficial F1 games, because in Super Monaco GP you have to race under the name ”You” and under the great country called ”Your Country”.

Replay Value:69/100

Apart from the challenges in World Championship mode and the entertaining SMGP Mode, there isn’t much else here to hold your attention.

Overallsuper monaco gp cover

Despite being a game that’s nearly a quarter of a century old, it has aged very well.  It’s top notch in every aspect and is a good game to play for retro enthusiasts.

The Verdict

Super Monaco GP is a masterpiece in almost every way.