Michael Andretti’s World GP Review (NES)

Michael Andretti’s World GP Review – NES

by FRG2000

Michael Andretti's World GP Review

Michael Andretti World GP is a miserable pile of junk.
And you may be asking why? Well here is the thing:


The graphics are terrible, usually really bland colours rather than actually recreating the look of a track.  They look completely inaccurate (Monaco is BLUE!) and the car also looks bad.  Really bad!
The menus are very dull, again with really bland colours.  Was the NES really incapable of anything better? Well, look at  Mario Bros or Al Unser TR.  The only graphics that were made well is when Andretti is talking in the Practice mode.


The sound…

The music is OK, but the sound of the car during gameplay is an strong issue since it’s very, very annoying.  You really have to turn down and even mute the sound on the TV to play this!


The gameplay is awful!  Why? The game creates corners which are extremely sharp and wide, so you have to brake during cornering and you can’t make ANY mistakes or else you won’t be able to take them correctly.

Also, the game modes are terrible; Practice mode where you can practice racing around one of the circuits, Two player mode, where you can play vs the CPU or someone who you’ve tricked into playing this pile of junk, or the GP Mode, which is very interesting, but poor execution of the game play as mentioned earlier, makes the racing in the mode impossible to control.

The VerdictMichael Andretti World GP Review

Michael Andretti’s World GP is a disjointed mess!  Seriously, the awful graphics, poor sound effects, the painful gameplay as well as the poor modes makes me wonder why Andretti put his name on this.  Maybe he should have played this game once, so he could have seen for himself.





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