Formula Legend Racing Manager Review

Formula Legend Racing Manager

Reviewed by Siôn

Available for Android via Google Play

Formula Legend Racing ManagerDespite a lack of games for the PC, it’s good to see new Formula One and racing manager games cropping up on mobile devices, one such game is Formula Legend: Racing Manager.

The game is not really a traditional team management game, but rather you take control of a new F1 driver and have to work your way up to the top as a young (or old) new F1 driver. You first have to pass an easy driver test with a top racing team called ‘Red Ass’ (yes, quite childish!) After, completing the very simple driving test, in which it didn’t seem to matter that I hit the grass a few times, you are offered a seat at one of the two lowest teams, both offer you a salary, but I have no idea if the amount is good or bad. The other teams need to be unlocked by completing seasons.

I’ll get the biggest problem with this game out of the way. Yes, this game is free to download, but it is a ‘Free to Play’ game (I personally hate that name). While, as hobbyist games developer myself, I do think that developers should be rewarded for their work, I think that a one time fee to unlock the full game should be the standard in all games, unfortunately in this game, it’s possible to spend and lose A LOT of money…

Formula Legend Racing ManagerBefore and between each race, you can improve your car, however, you can’t really do a lot without spending real money or waiting a long time to earn virtual money from races, because the game includes a virtual game currency called ‘Bux’. You need this currency to do basic things, such as contract a better Race Engineer to improve the different areas of your car . Even worse, is that the ‘Bux’ currency costs an incredible amount of money, ($14.99 for 50 Bux). And if you do fall into the trap of buying ‘Bux’ that doesn’t even unlock the full game (which is $3.99).

Even, ignoring the extortionate prices, there isn’t a lot to do between races, the only areas that you can improve your car are by improving the aerodynamics, the tyre wear, fuel efficiency and Exhaust, which are all limited by the having a good Engineer, which as mentioned before means money.

The race

Formula Legend Racing ManagerThe race screen is fairly basic, on the left you are shown the current positions of all the drivers, and on the right you are shown your drivers position, the weather (you have to pay for more weather conditions), a commentary box telling you what’s happening to your driver and the tyre and driver aggression settings. These are the only two things you can play with to try and change the outcome of the race, you can choose from either the softer are harder compound tyres (wet weathers are locked in the free version) for the next pitstop and tell your driver (or yourself, as you are the driver?) how hard to push, with a harder attitude using more fuel. So, there’s not much to change, and I can most players eventually getting bored with the lack of options.

Luckily, there are two mini-games in the race, the first game is the pit-stop mini game, in this game, (which takes 2-3 seconds) you have to click on the tyres in a random order, shown by a flashing green circle, as quickly as possible. It’s a welcome change to the race screen, but nothing substantial.

The second mini-game, involves you actually getting behind the wheel of your car and driving a section of the track yourself, while it’s a fun distraction from watching the all the drivers swap places, the actual mini-game only last 5 seconds and doesn’t hold much challenge, furthermore, it only happens once or twice every race. The controls are easy and functional, the car accelerates automatically, and all you have to do is steer or press the brake pedal to slow the car. However, the car does seem to bounce of the grass.

Graphics and Sound

Overall, the menus look slick and clean, but I’m not sure about the clipart cars, compared to the well designed menus, they look almost amateurish and have a horrible white border around them. During the race I was impressed by the animations for showing position changes, as the drivers names swap positions smoothly and effortlessly. Secondly, I also think that while they look ‘cute’, the racing mini-game could use a few shadows for the car and track object graphics.

Despite not liking the music, I did enjoy the race sounds which make-up for some of the lack of atmosphere that the game lacks.

One final problem I found at the time or writing, is that sometimes if you change to a different application and then return to the game, the game returns to a previous screen and loses the current state.


If you’ve ever played New Star Soccer, you can see where some of the inspiration has come from, I think that this game suffers from not knowing what it wants to be and not having enough to actually do! The little mini-games are a good distraction from watching the cars take place, but I don’t think they are fun enough to hold any long interest. I think the game needs a lot more work to justify the ridiculous amount of money that it asks for.

3/10 –

Not enough to do, and an extortionate virtual currency is needed to progress.


Formula Legend Racing ManagerFormula Legend: Racing Manager