F1 2014 Game Review

F1 2014 Game Review

by Sean

F1 2014 is now the 5th game that Codemasters have made for the F1 Gamers. But how does it add up the the previous games? Is it worth skipping and waiting for F1 2015? Or should you get? Having played the game for a bit now it’s time for a review on it.

F1 2014 Game Review Ferrari Formula one

Graphics, Detail and Sound

F1 2014 has the exact same graphics and detail as we saw in F1 2013. The only changes we see here are the updated cars which look great and realistic in the game. Some people however are not happy with little things like some of the cars have the wrong steering wheel and that the Williams livery is not the proper real one, apart from a few minor things the game still looks great overall. The sound of the cars have changed and they do sound great and realistic, when a car overtakes you the turbo in their engine roars past you I found that great. Some will say and I agree with it while the game looks great the lack of small improvements in a few bits of detail shows that Codemasters really haven’t bothered too much trying to improve the games graphics much at all.

Career Mode

Is pretty much the exact same as F1 2013. They have removed the young drivers test out of the game which seems to have pleased a lot of people. They now let you do one lap around a track to help you set up the difficulty of the game, its faster and easier to do and you have the option to just skip it.

Career mode now lets you choose an option of doing only a few races per season or just do the full 19 race season. This is good for players who just can’t be bothered doing the whole thing. You can also start in any team now you no longer have to work your way up from a backmarker team you could just jump straight into a Mercedes if you wanted to. Some people say this is a bad thing because it stops people from working their way up but I think its good to give players a choice if they want a challenge then they can start in a Caterham.

So everything about the things that you do is the exact same as F1 2013 not much has changed at all which is annoying it is one of the main area’s of the game and the extreme lack of changes at all is just a really lazy move from Codemasters. The animations of your character are the same, pit stops, car set ups, voice overs and many other things have just been copied off F1 2013.

F1 2014 Game Review

Racing In The New Cars and A.I Changes

Just like in the real sport the cars have 8 gears and very good braking it seems which to me isn’t right braking in F1 right now with the new brakes are not that good so a change here needs to be made where the player has to be more careful on their braking. The cars however do seem to handle like the real F1 cars the rear end is looser and the overall downforce seems to be lower as well. There is more wheel spin now with the new engines causing this. The tyre wear seems to be a little bit better than F1 2013 you should be able to drive on them longer with more grip which is good news. To me this is the one part where you will notice a big change from F1 2013 the cars are very different and Codemasters have done their work here.

The A.I do seem to be more aggressive I’ve seen them overtaking me at parts of the track where cars in the previous games would just back off. The A.I seem to be a bit better at getting out of the way when they are not on a hot lap but still could be improved further. Apart from that the A.I seem to be much of the same.


Seems to be the same and looks good. You can go into a quick race with random players or create your own session and make up the race length, rules and weather. However the game still doesn’t have dedicated servers so issues that have exsisted in the past still exist in F1 2014.F1 2014 Game Review by gpracegames.com


1. Updated tracks, cars and rules.
2. Cars handle like how they should do.
3. Tyres are more realistic.
4. A.I have been improved.
5. New scenarios.
6. Co-op mode and online is still there and good.
7. Removed the young driver test and replaced it with something better.


1. Too much has been copied over from F1 2013.
2. No real Williams livery.
3. Some cars have the wrong steering wheel.
4. No classical content.
5. Still has a messed up penalty system.
6. Damage done to the cars is the exact same.
7. A.I cars still don’t make many mistakes or have failures.
8. No dedicated online servers.
9. Same menu system along with the same emails, voice overs and animations.
10. A.I Seem too fast in wet weather.
11. F1 2015 will be out early in 2015 so do you really want to get this or wait? Most people are skipping this game.
12. No real major steps forward to make this game better than F1 2013.


OverallF1 2014 Game review Codemasters Grand prix

F1 2013 still remains the best one simply because it had many good stuff in it and also the classical content. F1 2014 has not taken a big enough step forward from F1 2013 at all which makes it a let down. Many have said and its probably true Codemasters might have well released a 2014 DLC update simply to save them time to spend it more on F1 2015. Charging the money they have for F1 2014 seems really bad and off putting for a game that just doesn’t have enough new things in it with its main attraction of just having the latest teams and tracks.


A carbon copy of F1 2013 with only a few changes

Available for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows PCs.



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