F1 2013 Game Review

F1 2013 Review by Sean

F1 2013 is very similar to the previous games but it has taken many issues and solved them along with adding and improving things. Still I feel there are a few stuff that could be improved or added to the game.

Young Drivers Test

Before you start a career you are taken to Abu Dhabi and take part in the testing. The good news is if you have already done this in F1 2012 the game will allow you to skip it and pick a team. The teams you can pick are the slower cars to some of the midfield teams.

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Career Mode

Very similar to F1 2012 and all of the previous games they have added in videos of the tracks and they give you advice on how to drive on them so you can improve yourself. The news section has gone a bit downhill it just reports the same thing all the time and if you win a race it never mentions that you have unless you win a few in a row. So your aim is to start with a team and spend 5 seasons trying to win as many championships as possible. You have to try and beat your team mate and impress bigger teams to get a seat with them.


Not many changes here just similar to the previous games. People still get lag and bugs/glitches still occur. Overall online can be good fun if you race with people who know how to drive.

Race Mode

It’s still there for you to pick any length of race, track, weather, team and driver. No changes here just that we still have one practice session like in F1 2012. A lot of people want three like in the real sport but Codemasters seem to have ignored this feedback and still give us one.

Classic Content

I had to pay a bit extra for the classical content you get a few tracks and cars to race about on. It is worth paying the extra price for but I’m not happy about that you have to pay more for extra classical content after paying for a full price game. In older F1 games they didn’t even charge you extra at all for any classical content you just had to play the game and unlock tracks and cars.

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1. Car handles more realistic than ever before.
2. Excellent graphics and detail everywhere on track and for the cars.
3. Weather still great and realistic.
4. AI cars seem to drive quicker now.
5. Classical content for the first time ever by Codemasters.

Things needing to be added or fixed

1. Some of the cutscenes are just the exact same as before, no new one’s have been added. Still no podium celebration either.
2. No warm up lap.
3. Tyre wear affects the player more than the AI.
4. Some minor bugs and glitches have been found.
5. Still just one practice session.

f1 2013 game review review game coverOverall

F1 2013 has improved overall from the previous F1 games by Codemasters and it also has classical content included. While the game is still not perfect in everyway I believe it’s the closest they have got so far. The game is graphically stunning with improved audio and the car handling feels more realistic. But some minor things stop it from being perfect.


The Best F1 Game Codemasters Have Made Yet

Available for Windows, Playstation 3, Xbox 360.