F1 2009 PSP Review

F1 2009 PSP Review by FRG2000

f1 2009  psp reviewCareer Mode

In the career mode you can race for a team and try to get to the top.  The mode itself it let-down a little by the fact that you can only race a maximum of 3 seasons, which means that it’s too short and doesn’t give you enough time to progress.

Quick Race

In this mode you can race in any circuit with any team and car.  The game would benefit if there where a few more options but it’s good for a quick game.

Mini games/Challenges

In this mode you have to try and beat a number of challenges. In my opinion, this is the best mode and the most fun, although, again I found it a little too short. This mode obviously provides the inspiration for the Championship/Scenario Modes in Codemaster’s latest F1 games, such as in F1 2013.

Grand Prix Weekend

As in the Quick Race mode, here you can race in any circuit with any car, but do a full Grand Prix weekend, including sessions such as qualifying.

f1 2009 psp review


In this mode you can race with any driver in a full championship season. A shortened version of the Career mode.

Car Handling

The car handling is good, but ultimately, it’s more an arcade game than a simulation, such as somtimes, your car will actually be moving forward at a 90 degree angle!  Yes, it’s a little unrealistic, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad at all.


The 4-Player multiplayer mode is a lot of fun to play with friends, and everything runs along at a good pace.  The 2-player multiplayer also runs well, but with only two cars, it starts to get boring after a while.


Graphics: 50
Quite ugly and unoriginal, but they don’t feel too bad when your playing.

Sound: 60
The sound is great and the included voice actors gives a nice touch to the game, but the music is quite bad.

Gameplay: 70
More of an arcade game than a simulation and isn’t too challenging, but it’s fun and doesn’t frustrate.

Replay Value: 55
Although the challenge mode is a nice addition, it doesn’t add a lot of replay value.

THE VERDICTf12009pspreview

Even though F1 2009 is not what I expected, it doesn’t disappoint. The game is fun and even better if you have a friend to play with. Overall, it plays okay, but the issues that I’ve talked about relating to the different modes stop the game from being a recommended purchas.



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