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GPW Edit v1.1 with Track Editor

A new version of GPW Edit has been released. Aside from a number of UI enhancements, the editor brings significant game changing features. By popular demand, the sponsorship module has been extended to allow editing of sponsor and supplier ratings and attributes, contractual agreements between sponsors, suppliers and teams, as well as the management of deal types (works, partner and customer) and terms agreed. (Unfortunately contract lengths are unable to be changed.) The game year can now be changed and is applied thoroughly throughout the game (compared to previous efforts). And the big ticket item… the ability to toggle the GPW Track Editor inside the game, which was originally used by the game’s developers to overlay the racing line of 3D race cars onto the 2D track photographs. It does not offer all the functionality required to completely edit a track, however it will allow the community to either improve existing racing lines or replace current track frames with updated photographs and racing lines.

Tool: GPWEdit v1.1 – Upgrade and modify GPW!
How to: GPW Track Editor

Click on the above links to view the forum posts and download GPW Edit!

Grand Prix World 2016 Mod Released!

Thanks to a lot of work by Enzoli a member of your forums, the Grand Prix World 2016 Mod has been released!


Included in the Grand Prix World 2016 mod:

All correct teams and drivers
Accurate sponsors
2016 liveries
Free drivers from around the world
All images edited with pictures from the 2016 season
All buttons and icons udpated
New map location and team bar on the background
New logos with shiny effect
New pirelli tires in 2 styles : black or white rims corresponding to 2016 teams.
All correct driver names audios
Driving aids changed to aerodynamics parts
Factory improvements have been changed to reflects today’s reality
Licensing has been tweaked to reflect today’s market
Overall experience improved with reworked menu gfx. Started from scratch to look smoother than previous versions.
English and French (1.0) versions
GPW savegame editor included

Please read the 2016 mod readme for instructions and others.

Download the Grand Prix World 2016 mod from here.

To get Grand Prix World working on Windows 8/10 you’ll need to donwload gpw251815.exe, which has been expertly done by forum member Veedub.

Grand Prix World 2016 Mod

Grand Prix World 2016 Mod Grand Prix World 2016 Mod Grand Prix World 2016 Mod