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New Formula Racer 5.1 Released

New Formula Racer 5.1 has been released.  New Formula Racer is a game made by one of our forum members who goes by the name of RacerBG.  Every release of this game shows improvement.  This version also includes some cars that were created by our forum users in a competition last year.

New Formula Racer

New Formula Racer 5.2 includes the following improvements

– Team selection: New teams; Team Osuushi Racing, Red Falcon Racing, Rated R Racing created in a competition on our forum.
– The Upgrade Kits are now a process with 6 steps.
– Two new cars are introduced in Multiplayer instead of Blue Falcon and Red Falcon.
– The Test Day’s are now needed for team transfers.

– The menu music is removed.

– The sponsors now have new logos.
– Every car now has a new design.
– The circuit adverts now have new designs.

– The career menu has been improved.
– The circuits selection screen has been improved.
– The sponsors details have been revised.
– Restart game option has been added.
– Control method options has been added.
– Every race position is now rewarded with points.
– The game is now licensed under Creative Commons.
– The race expenses have been removed.
– The crash expenses have been removed.
– The race distance and the difficulty rewards have been removed.


Link to the Game:!joIGmLqA


New Formula Racer