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What’s next after the Race Team Simulator Demo?

After a very successfully received development demo, are you thinking what’s next for Race Team Simulator? or are you unsure of how the rest of the game will be? Well, here we have the answers.

Originally released in March, here’s a YouTube video giving a guided tour of what the rest of the game is going to be like.

The developers have also announced two big pieces of news about Race Team Simulator; firstly, that they expect to the full game to be released in ‘mid 2016’.  And secondly, if you can’t wait that long they’ll offer the game on Steam’s “Early Access”, meaning that you’ll be able to play the game before it’s released and as it’s being developed.

The early access version, is expected to be released in late 2015, it’ll allow you to compete in a 10 round championship season, complete with full race weekends, including practices and qualifying, and also retirements, damage and safety cars will be available, features that were not included for the demo.

The developers also mentioned that:

We feel there is a lot of gameplay to be had at this stage and that you will find a lot of variety that will keep you entertained for a long time. Please note, this version will not have any finance, contracts or car development, if this is important to you then please wait until these parts are released later next year.

In other news, they’ve mentioned that all names in Race Team Simulator will be editable, such as drivers, teams, suppliers, sponsors and track names, which will please F1 Management fans, such as the dedicated fans who’ve kept previous Grand Prix management games alive such as GPM2 and GP World on our forums.

Regarding, our own forums, we have created a section for Race Team Simulator, so that the game can be discussed and hopefully in the future, it’ll also be a place to download mods for the game such as the current F1 seasons, so come and stop by and join the community.

Formula XD – Safety Cars and Gadgets!

There is a new Formula XD development build to test with some interesting new features that will set it apart from other F1 style management games. However, the creator of Formula XD, Nicholas explains on his blog post:

As Formula XD comes ever closer to feature-completedness, time becomes an ever more precious commodity, and so does the element of surprise. I intend to have all systems fully operational before February, so that there’s plenty of time to add content and to make the game a real challenge as well as a joy to play. But anyway, here’s the build.

The new features add a some interesting strategy element to the game, such as a safety car and secret gadgets you can add to the car before a race, they also show the surreal and funny satirical side to the game, such as a new part of the game called ‘Ernie Eccles’ Race Roulette’, with the description being that:

Ernie Eccles will do anything to drive ratings up, and adding random race conditions is the newest trick up his sleeve.

Check out the complete list of changes to the game, and download i the Formula XD development, follow this link.

Formula XD