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Car Design Competition

NFR: The Rise 5.1 Car Design Competition

New Formula Racer (NFR) is a racing game that’s being developed by one of our forum members; RacerBG.

He’s now giving you the opportunity to have your car designs in his game. So, why not get designing using the original car templates as provided below.

The original Post:

One of the new features in NFR: The Rise 5.1 will be team selection. In that manner I thought it will be good if you want to paint your own car and see it in my game. Imagine: racing for the or against the team that you designed.

You can post as many teams as you want (I still haven’t decided how many to include) and you have plenty of time (around a month). There are a few simple rules to follow:
1. Every team has to have three cars for the  Junior, Trainer and Master series car so you must paint it in the same way.
2. Use the provided car shape, but you can make your own, and if I like it, I’ll use it in the game.
3. Use the .PNG format and 32×32 size of the image.
4. The teams and their names must be imaginary – for example “Team Banana Racing”.
5. When you are ready – post it in the forum here.


NFR Car Templates:

nfr junior template
nfr master template nfr trainer template (1)

New Formula Racer. Update

New Formula Racer, which is a 2D racing game for the PC developed my Georgi (RacerBG on our forums) has received a new update.


With a new career mode, where you start in a junior formula, and slowly work your way to the Masters Championship, as well as local multiplayer, and regular updates, this little indie game is starting to show some promise.


You can download New Formula Racer 5.0: The Rise from GPRaceGames, here.

If you’d like to provide feedback or follow the development of the game, you can in RacerBG’s very own New Formula Section on the forum, by clicking here.