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GPM2 2015 Mod Beta V1


The first four races are over now so its time to release a very early version of this mod.

Whats in Beta V1

1. All the 2015 drivers along with the updated rookies and experinced drivers.
2. All drivers have 2015 photos, stats, ages and ratings.
3. All the 2015 teams along with up to date team logos.
4. Staff have all been added as well along with their ratings.
5. The engines have been updated but will need more work later on.
6. Top down and sideview of cars.

The team performances should be decently accurate from testing so far Mercedes are strong enough to lead the title while McLaren with the new Honda engine are really struggling at the back with Manor. It’s still early days yet for this mod and the real 2015 season so don’t expect 100% accurate results at the moment.

Whats not in Beta V1

1. All the background images haven’t been updated yet.
2. Correct driver and engine nationalities.
3. The newly updated tracks.

How to test

1. Download the zip folder – Link removed testing over.
2. Unzip it and go into the folder.
3. Start the game and start a new career.
4. Click Load Config or Load Settings.
5. Select the ”2015 Beta V1.gcf” file.
6. All the settings will be up to date now.