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2014 GPM2 Mod Update

Thanks to Giovani on the forums, a patched version of the Grand Prix Manager 2 2014 Mod has been uploaded to the GP Race Games website,

Giovani has fantastically changed and edited the following things:

GPM2 2014 Mod – GS Version 2.0

Changes from the 1.0 version:

– Changed some nationalities (less drivers with the wrong nationality now);
– Teams performance improved;
– Tires stars and price restored to its normal value;
– Sponsors in cars topdowns removed (after all, in game puts up sponsors, so the topdowns should not contain sponsors).

Version 1.0 Changes:

– Order of the teams changed to give a bit more realism to the teams performances (Mercedes always in top, etc.);
– Engines reformulated;
– All tires with the same number of stars of quality and same price (this is something that I do not know what impact it will have in the game);
– Some changes in the status of the drivers were made;
– Drivers nationalities “correct” (Explanation: I used the same flagpictures.edy that was used in mods from 2009-2011, so some drivers will not have their exact nationalities [Maldonado as Spanish, Magnussen as Finnish and etc.])
– Now the mod contains the .gcf file.

2014 GPM2 Mod Update


If you go to the 2014 GPM2 Mod page, the download button links straight to the new patched 2014 GPM2 Mod Update .


F1 Career Challege on the Gamecube, reviewed!

One of the very view F1 type racing games on the Gamecube, F1 Career Challenge can still be played on the Wii with a gamecube controller, and depending on where you live, this game can be easy or difficult to pick-up, but always quite cheap.

But the important question is: Is it worth adding to your collection of great Gamecube games such as Zelda, Metal Gear Solid and Metroid Prime?

Well, to find out, you’ll have to read the review of F1 Career Challenge on the Gamecube by clicking here!

F1 Career Challege on the Gamecube