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A new picture of World Championship Race Team Manager 2015

We’re following the progress of the development of a new Formula 1 management game called World Championship Race Team Manager 2015.

In a previous blog post, we reported on the development game of this game,  which included a very nice looking video showing the game’s race day experience, which included some really nice looking AI overtaking.

Now, the creators of the game have provided us with a new montage A new picture of World Championship Race Team Manager 2015, showing the current state of some of the other parts of the F1 management game in the form of a montage, with the promise to release more screenshots exclusively to us here at GP Race Games, before anywhere else.

From the montage, the game looks really clean and quite modern, with financial budgets, control over the colour of the car, and the ability to set the design strategy for new car parts.

picture of World Championship Race Team Manager 2015

Please help support the development of this game, by voting for them on Steam Greenlight, to help them get into the store, you can visit their page here.

Keep checking back here and join our forum for news of the development of this great looking game.

Creating a GPM2 Track Tutorial- Part 3

In the final part in this series of Creating a GPM2 Track, Sean shows us how to use GPM2 Track Editor to set everything up and then we finally get the track into Grand Prix Manager 2 and see it working.

Read part 1 here.

Using the GPM2 Track Editor

First of all your going to have to tell it where your start and finish line is. I left a line on my raw image to tell me where it is this saves time and makes it easy.

Creating a GPM2 Track Tutorial- Part 3 startlinesee_zpscf53c5da

So my coordinates are 431 229 x 432 229 yours will be different to mine. Once you have them enter them in.

 Creating a GPM2 Track Tutorial- Part 3 F1 cordinates_zpsb381aa53

Does it work?

If it does well done! If it says dead end then something is wrong with your racing line or you just entered the wrong numbers in.

 Creating a GPM2 Track Tutorial- Part 3 itworks_zps4c6de4bd

Set up the track

Press the Int Dirs Auto this will change the cars to face the correct way.

Creating a GPM2 Track Tutorial- Part 3 racelinetrackedit_zps827cb356

To set up the grid click the Int Grid From Track you should see the cars move onto the grid however they don’t always line up right so you may have to edit and move them around yourself.

Creating a GPM2 Track Tutorial- Part 3 grid_zpsa398b7cd

And finally to set up the pitlane click Int Dirs Auto and this will sort it out for you.

Creating a GPM2 Track Tutorial- Part 3 pitlaneedit_zps86355bec

Setting The Speed

The game needs to know where the slow and fast parts of the track are. Move A and B about to select the part of the track.


Speeds should never go over 22000 that’s a good limit. So here I entered from point A 19000 and point B 5000 which means the car enters the corner at a high speed but slows down.


After doing that to all the corners it should look like this.


Testing it in Grand Prix Manager 2

First of all save it and go over to the the place where you have the track. Move it into the tracks folder. Load the game up and play.


Grid seems to work fine.




I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it gives you an idea of how I make my tracks.