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Grand Prix World Update v1.03 beta (unofficial update)

Veedub continues to make great progress over on the GPRaceGames forum with his unofficial Grand Prix World update.

You can download the beta version (version 1.03) here.

Please, leave any comments, problems in the forum thread here.

grand prix world update

Refer to the text file inside the zip file archive for full details.

The patch contains a number of game enhancements:
1. CAR HANDLING PERCENTAGES – the calcuations have been changed when completing car designs for next year
2. CAR HANDLING PERFORMANCE – every 1% now impacts race performance (previously every 10%)
3. POINTS SCORING SYSTEM – rewritten code now allows for points to be awarded to all positions

This is in addition to the changes introduced in v1.02:
1. GAME CD REQUIRED – the game CD is now no longer required to play the game.
2. DISPLAY MODE CHECK – the game will now run on any display mode higher than 16 bit.
3. RACE SOUNDS – under Windows XP/Vista/7, the game will no longer crash to desktop randomly when race sounds are enabled.
4. YELLOW FLAG PENALTIES – due to inconsistent behaviour, the player is no longer penalised when drivers ignore yellow flags.
5. CAR DESIGN – handling percentages are now calculated using the skill level of the Technical Director (Chief Engineer). (Superseeded in v1.03.)

Note: An additional file GPW_251815.EXE is included with this package and is loaded with the 2010+ points scoring system of 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1 for the top 10 finishing positions.