GPM2 2014 Mod Beta V3

The final part of testing the new GPM2 2014 mod is now out. Check the forums for more

Grand Prix World 2013 Mod Beta Download

Download the Grand Prix World 2013 Mod, beta V1 here:

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Grand Prix World 2013 Mod

Grand Prix World Update v1.03 beta (unofficial update)

Veedub continues to make great progress over on the GPRaceGames forum with his unofficial Grand Prix World update.

You can download the beta version (version 1.03) here.

Please, leave any comments, problems in the forum thread here.

grand prix world update

Refer to the text file inside the zip file archive for full details.

The patch contains a number of game enhancements:
1. CAR HANDLING PERCENTAGES – the calcuations have been changed when completing car designs for next year
2. CAR HANDLING PERFORMANCE – every 1% now impacts race performance (previously every 10%)
3. POINTS SCORING SYSTEM – rewritten code now allows for points to be awarded to all positions

This is in addition to the changes introduced in v1.02:
1. GAME CD REQUIRED – the game CD is now no longer required to play the game.
2. DISPLAY MODE CHECK – the game will now run on any display mode higher than 16 bit.
3. RACE SOUNDS – under Windows XP/Vista/7, the game will no longer crash to desktop randomly when race sounds are enabled.
4. YELLOW FLAG PENALTIES – due to inconsistent behaviour, the player is no longer penalised when drivers ignore yellow flags.
5. CAR DESIGN – handling percentages are now calculated using the skill level of the Technical Director (Chief Engineer). (Superseeded in v1.03.)

Note: An additional file GPW_251815.EXE is included with this package and is loaded with the 2010+ points scoring system of 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1 for the top 10 finishing positions.

GPM2 Tracks

We have a new GPM2 Tracks downloads section for Grand Prix Manager 2 where you can download different GPM2 tracks created by the community.

In the downloads section there is a wide variety of GPM2 tracks, from modern updates, such as the excellent Albert Park, Australia updated track or old tracks such as Kyalami in South Africa.

We’ll continue to update the page as our fantastic community here at the GPRaceGames forums continue to create fantastic new tracks as well as finding old ones, such as from the old GPM2World website.

Why not have a look at the tracks, by clicking here!

gpm2 tracks australia

An updated version of Albert Park, Australia, created by website and GPM2 editor, Sean


kyalami GPM2 Tracks

The 1961 to 1988 version of Kyalami in South Africa.

Grand Prix World 2014 Mod Update


Earlier this month in April we have seen a lot of activity in getting a 2014 mod made for the game Grand Prix World. Although it’s in the early stages its looking promising as Simul810 has created the 2014 liveries for the cars. If you can help out and contribute please do and join the discussion in this topic

GPM2 F1 2014 Mod

GPM2 F1 2014 Mod

The community continues their great work on the GPM2 F1 2014 Mod, and Sean has posted an important update to the plan:

Current Plan

Is to bring out the first version of beta testing after the Chinese race later this month. The mod will have the following things in it,

Beta Version 1 Includes,

1. 2014 main drivers, test drivers, rookies and experienced drivers. All of them have their correct age and stats etc.
2. Top down 2014 cars. The side view images as well but they may need to be redone later.
3. The staff you can hire and their ratings have all been updated for 2014.
4. 2014 sponsors included.

Things still to be done,

1. Make the Austrian and Russian tracks this is reserved work for Giovani Sàntana.
2. Change the nationalities and track names which Giovani Sàntana can do.
3. I will keep updating the drivers ratings as the year progresses to keep them realistic.
4. Change the year to 2014.
5. Change the car weight rule.
6. Ban certain parts and driver aids.
7. Once all the tracks are made make the 2014 perfect car set ups.

Some things we could change but may not be able to,

1. KERS – The 2014 cars work differently now and use Energy Recovery Systems (ERS).
2. Driver Aids – Most are modern but if someone has the art skills to change the driver aid images we could update them.
3. Feel free to add anything to this update.


Read More about the GPM2 F1 2014 Mod on the forums here

Grand Prix Manager 2 Review – Still got it?

Grand Prix Manager 2 Review - F1 Grand Prix Manager 2We have finally got an indepth Grand Prix 2 Review in our reviews section.  Written by Sean, who is a top-modder and website editor here at, it’s definitely worth a reading the review to see whether Grand Prix Manager 2 has still got it.

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