GPRaceGames Turns 1 Year Old

The First Year

A year ago today the GPRaceGames website went live onto the internet for all to see for the first time. In the past year we have seen a few mods and tracks being made for the game Grand Prix Manager 2 and also updates for the Grand Prix World game. The community which you can find on the forums is growing every day with new members joining in.

Changes Made To The Site

At the very start of this year the website saw a review section being added to it where members on the forums wrote about racing games that they have played and gave their opinion on it. You can still write your own reviews if you want. We also saw the news archive page being added as well where you can find all the news from when the website began.

Recent News

The GPM2 2014 mod has been released and currently in the planning their may be a Formula E 2014-2015 mod in the making.

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GPM2 2014 Mod Released


The Project – It all started on the 15th of January this year. A lot of planning and work has gone into this mod to bring it up to date with the 2014 season and to keep GPM2 going strong. Everyone who helped out have been listed in the credits below.

What Has The GPM 2014 Mod Changed? -

1. Its updated all of the drivers, test drivers and rookies/experienced with accurate ratings.
2. Staff names and ratings.
3. Team performances based on the 2014 season so far.
4. Updated rules for the car weight and driver aids to match 2014 rules.
5. Two new tracks Austria and Russia and this mod comes with the 2014 Perfect Set Ups for all the tracks.
6. 2014 calender order.
7. You can now edit things after the first race to keep things realistic.
8. Updated background, car, news and TV images.
9. In game year changed to 2014.
10. All teams are set up with a different budget. All drivers salaries have been made realistic but lowered down a bit to make it work better in GPM2.

Known Bugs or Issues -

1. Rookie and Experienced drivers don’t have the correct nationality but if you hire any you can edit them yourself.
2. If you copy a car set up it may crash the game, always try and save before every race.
3. GPM2 is known for making unrealistic driver changes over time. You can now edit them yourself if you want.

Credits – A team of 12 people put in work to either creating things or giving feedback from testing.

Sean – Author
FranS99 – Top down car images – Gave feedback – Team Logos
Nuppiz – For their feedback – Helping with questions – Editing to allow customization
ivaneurope – Helped with data – Gave feedback
FRG2000 – Helped with data – Gave feedback
Cafiso – Tested the new tracks
Allordex – For their feedback
ahn – For their feedback
Los_Chavales_01 – For their feedback
Mike5 – For their feedback
RacerBG – Advice on track editing
sionco – Giving feedback on car images

12 people have contributed in some way towards this mod since January. Now it’s finally out for you to play. Check the forum for the download

GPM2 2014 Mod GPM2 2014 Mod GPM2 2014 Mod

Codemasters Announce F1 2014

Codemasters announced the F1 2014 game today it will come out on the 17th of October this year on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. It features everything the F1 2014 has from the new turbo charged cars to the new circuits.

The game has refined the handling on the pad for players and the new game evaluation system learns your skill so you can get a really good challenge out of the game. When you accelerate you will experience the explosive power the new F1 2014 cars have with their turbos and with less downforce they probably feel different to drive as well.

Other changes made to the game is the scenario mode has been expanded and a improved career mode.

But what about F1 2015? News about it has also been revealed today, Codemasters say it will come out on the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and the PC so the game will be next gen. Codemasters plan to bring the game out early in the season and provide digital updates as the season progresses.

Grand Prix World 2013 Mod Beta Download

Download the Grand Prix World 2013 Mod, beta V1 here:

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Grand Prix World 2013 Mod

Grand Prix World Update v1.03 beta (unofficial update)

Veedub continues to make great progress over on the GPRaceGames forum with his unofficial Grand Prix World update.

You can download the beta version (version 1.03) here.

Please, leave any comments, problems in the forum thread here.

grand prix world update

Refer to the text file inside the zip file archive for full details.

The patch contains a number of game enhancements:
1. CAR HANDLING PERCENTAGES – the calcuations have been changed when completing car designs for next year
2. CAR HANDLING PERFORMANCE – every 1% now impacts race performance (previously every 10%)
3. POINTS SCORING SYSTEM – rewritten code now allows for points to be awarded to all positions

This is in addition to the changes introduced in v1.02:
1. GAME CD REQUIRED – the game CD is now no longer required to play the game.
2. DISPLAY MODE CHECK – the game will now run on any display mode higher than 16 bit.
3. RACE SOUNDS – under Windows XP/Vista/7, the game will no longer crash to desktop randomly when race sounds are enabled.
4. YELLOW FLAG PENALTIES – due to inconsistent behaviour, the player is no longer penalised when drivers ignore yellow flags.
5. CAR DESIGN – handling percentages are now calculated using the skill level of the Technical Director (Chief Engineer). (Superseeded in v1.03.)

Note: An additional file GPW_251815.EXE is included with this package and is loaded with the 2010+ points scoring system of 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1 for the top 10 finishing positions.