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Pit Lane 16

Needs your support on Steam Greenlight!


Formula X – New Playable Build with New Features

A new playable build of Formula X, which is an up and coming motorsport management game that’s also a colourful visual delight, has been made available for download and testing.

The Games creator Nicholas, has been pleased with the feedback and amount of interest from the first playable build that he released:

First of all, wow. When I uploaded M31 just over a month ago, I didn’t expect to receive so many downloads that I ran out of bandwidth! It’s been over 200 downloads to date. I knew the next one had to really hit a high mark, so I got to work. M32 wasn’t quite good enough for public consumption, so I kept at it and put in some more features, even finding time to work in the Australian Grand Prix at Albert Square

With a lot of updates and a nice looking new circuit to play on, Nicholas is again looking for your feedback.  And he’s a developer that listens to fans, as in this release, he’s addressed some ideas that were brought up in our forum, such as making the cars more easier to track during the Grand Prix.

Visit his site here, to read more about his release and download and play the development version of this exciting new game.

Pit Lane16 – Looking for your support now on Steam Greenlight

Pit Lane16 is a new racing team management game that’s now on Steam Greenlight and they’re looking for your support to get it onto the Steam store.

With most of the gameplay already finished, this does look like a promising game for anyone looking for a F1 management style game.

You start the game by choosing a sponsor for your team, each sponsor pays you differently and they also have different bonuses for such as winning a race or a championship.

The game has a big focus around team building, and you get to select your drivers as well as your engineers and mechanics, this game is about starting a new team from scratch.

Pit Lane13 Trailer

A big part of the game is spent in the development page, where you can improve your car in 5 areas, b choosing whether to take a big risk in improving the parts which my work or not, or taking a slower but more secure route to developing parts.

The tracks look to be all done, and while they aren’t based on real-life circuits they do come with different themes and all look different. The race includes different options for strategy such as choosing between soft and hard tyres, as well as how much power you want to give the driver from the engine.

One of the most requested features for racing management games are an editor, this game includes a team editor that allows you to edit the teams names, money and car colours. It even includes a sponsor editor that allows you to edit the sponsors and their logos. However, it doesn’t include a driver editor, as the drivers are created randomly every game.

Pit Lane13 team editor

It will be released for Windows, Mac and Linux Ubuntu.

Please, give them your support by voting for them on their Steam Greenlight page.
You can also visit their website for more videos here.