GPM2 2015 Mod Beta V1


The first four races are over now so its time to release a very early version of this mod.

Whats in Beta V1

1. All the 2015 drivers along with the updated rookies and experinced drivers.
2. All drivers have 2015 photos, stats, ages and ratings.
3. All the 2015 teams along with up to date team logos.
4. Staff have all been added as well along with their ratings.
5. The engines have been updated but will need more work later on.
6. Top down and sideview of cars.

The team performances should be decently accurate from testing so far Mercedes are strong enough to lead the title while McLaren with the new Honda engine are really struggling at the back with Manor. It’s still early days yet for this mod and the real 2015 season so don’t expect 100% accurate results at the moment.

Whats not in Beta V1

1. All the background images haven’t been updated yet.
2. Correct driver and engine nationalities.
3. The newly updated tracks.

How to test

1. Download the zip folder –┬áLink removed testing over.
2. Unzip it and go into the folder.
3. Start the game and start a new career.
4. Click Load Config or Load Settings.
5. Select the ”2015 Beta V1.gcf” file.
6. All the settings will be up to date now.

Ferrari and Vettel return to the top in Malaysia


2 weeks ago in Melbourne at the first race we saw the Mercedes team dominate the race. However in Malaysia it was Vettel and his new team Ferrari who managed to beat the Mercedes.

After a difficult qualifying session for the drivers which was hit by heavy rainfall Lewis Hamilton claimed his 40th career pole position.The lights went out and the cars stormed into the first two tight turns. On lap 2 Kimi Raikkonens tire explodes on track after getting contact from earlier on he pits and gets a fresh set of tires. 2 laps later on lap 4 Ericsson spun his Sauber at turn 1 which brought out the safety car.


Both Hamilton and Rosberg pitted but Ferrari decided to keep Vettel out. On lap 20 Hamilton leads and Rosberg battles with Vettel for 2nd place. On lap 22 Vettel makes the pass on Rosberg. One lap later rookie driver Max Verstappen in the Toro Rosso makes a pass on Daniel Ricciardo in a Red Bull which just really goes to show how much Red Bull are struggling at the moment.


Lap 24 Vettel catches Hamilton he makes the pass on the last turn but Hamilton then dives into the pits. Vettel goes on now to lead the race. Lap 26 both the Red Bull cars have brake problems you can see black smoke everytime they brake. Then Daniil Kvyat is going into turn 2 when Hulkenberg in the Force India hits him. Hulkenberg gets away cleanly and Kvyat spins out but manages to get the car back on track again.

The final lap comes round and Vettel crosses the line to take the win. The Ferrari team and Vettel are extremely pleased with the result. Hamilton and Rosberg take 2nd and 3rd place.


Driver Championship Standings

1. Hamilton 43.
2. Vettel 40.
3. Rosberg 33.
4. Massa 20.
5. Raikkonen 12.
6. Nasr 10.
7. Bottas 10.
8. Ricciardo 9.
9. Hulkenberg 6.
10. Verstappen 6.
11. Sainz 6.
12. Ericsson 4.
13. Kvyat 2.
14. Perez 1.
15. Button 0.
16. Grosjean 0.
17. Merhi 0.
18. Maldonado 0.
19. Magnussen 0.
20. Alonso 0.


1. Mercedes 76.
2. Ferrari 52.
3. Williams 30.
4. Sauber 14.
5. Toro Rosso 12.
6. Red Bull 11.
7. Force India 7.
8. McLaren 0.
9. Lotus 0.
10. Manor 0.