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Grand Prix World 2016 Mod Update

In our forums the Grand Prix World 2016 Mod is well in development.

In fact, you can see the current progress of the mod right now in action.  The Mod is being made by forum user Simul810, and Jameson_07 who has been creating the 2016 car liveries has released the following video on Youtube.  The video shows some of the great new liveries designed especially for the mod as well as driver portraits and team updates.

You can follow the progress of the Grand Prix World 2016 here on our forums.

New Section for GPM2 Editors and Tools

We’ve added a new section to the website, we are now hosting a number of useful utilities such as GPM2 Editors and Tools, so you can edit the game and create new mods.

Click here to access the Grand Prix Manager 2 Editors and Tools page.


We also have a big Grand Prix Manager 2 editing and modding community on our forum, located here.